Once upon a time
there sat a baby on a cloud.

The baby looked down at all of the
children playing in their gardens.

There was a little girl playing catch-
a-ball with her brother.

One of the children was racing
around on a bicycle, whilst another
quietly read a book.

One little girl was playing with her tea set.


The baby sighed a huge sigh.

"What is the matter?" asked the Angel.

"I'd like to go and play with those children," said the baby.

"Are you unhappy here?" wondered the Angel.

"Oh no!" said the baby, looking around at all the other babies, "I have been very happy here, but I think I am ready to go and play with some of the other children or maybe a big brother or a sister."


"Well, well!" exclaimed the Angel, "I shall go and have a word with God and see what can be done."

The baby began to wonder...
What would the wind feel like if you ran past it?
What would it feel like to hold someone's hand and jump as high as the sky?
What would it feel like to share your favourite toy with some one else?

But most of all the baby wondered what it might feel like to be held by someone other than the Angel...


The Angel floated back to the baby's cloud smiling a big smile. "Good news!" he said, "you are able to go."

"Yippee," shouted the baby and gave the Angel a huge hug.

"Don't get too excited yet," said the Angel, removing the baby's wings. "It will take nine months and it may be uncomfortable." And he gave the baby a special package."

"What is that?" asked the baby.

"This package is very special and has all the special ingredients to make you who you want to be. It will also show whether you will be a girl or a boy," said the Angel with a twinkle in his eye.


Whilst getting ready to leave the cloud, the baby turned to the Angel with a worried look.

"What is the matter?" asked the Angel kindly, for he had this look before on all of the other baby's faces.

"What will I do if my family doesn't like me?"

The Angel looked at the baby's great big eyes, which were full of hope, and he looked at the baby's heart, which was full of love.

"You will be a special gift, just as all those who have gone before you. There is someone waiting for you who will love you very much.


Then the the Angel looked at the moon and the stars, and whispered a prayer.

A brilliant flash filled the celestial sky, and off zoomed the baby to be born.

"Don't forget where we are, just in case you need us," called the Angel.

But the baby never heard him, the big adventure had begun, and he, or was it she, was very excited.


  Copyright© 2002, Lydia Leaf and Lydia Corbett (Sylvette David)

Copyright© 2007, Undiscovered Worlds Press