Ray Douglas lives in England. He is a great believer in the maxim: Seek and ye shall find. For the past forty years he has been following the spiritual path of Subud—Susila Budhi Dharma—which has helped many people in the pursuit of their spiritual goal, and enabled them to become aware of their own inner dimension. It is this inner self that receives the real benefit of spiritual blessings.

Many people however, so he says, confuse the occult with the spiritual, and his writings aim to make the difference plain.

The aim of this book is to use the symbols of astrology to bring about a meeting between mind and soul; and having achieved that minor miracle, to help bring about a further encounter between soul and spirit. This in turn will precipitate a spiritual journey previously only to be dreamed about by saints, sages and seekers after truth...

Astrology and the Inner Self



1.            The Cycle of the Self (PDF 184 KB)
2.            The Nature of the Zodiac (PDF 804 KB)
3.            Earth and the Threefold Cycle (PDF 1.3 MB)
4.            The Zodiac Degrees (PDF 344 KB)
5 & 6      Evolution and Personal Choice/The Planets as Symbols (PDF 700 KB)
7 & 8      Exploring Personal Trends/Influences from Beyond the Zodiac (PDF 1 MB)
9.            The Spiral of Ascent (PDF 308 KB)


1.            The Cycle of the Self
2.            The Nature of the Zodiac
3.            Earth and The Threefold Cycle

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