Christmas Moon—Eve of Indonesian Earthquake

25th December, 2004

Looking out of our window on Christmas Eve at around 11:30pm, we saw a most lovely glowing moon weaving through the tree tops. Moon maiden out walking! This year, apart from a glass bowl of fairy lights twinkling on a side table, the lights, baubles, trinkets, elves, and Wise Men of former years have remained hidden in their boxes.

This year we feel like mariners washed up on a desert island, camping comfortably on the sand, but keeping an experienced seaman's eye on the horizon. It's odd, but we always seem to celebrate, if that is what it is, a little early or a little late. This year was no different, and at 2 am on Christmas Day we opened up our cards that came from friends and relations both near and far, and tucked into our Christmas dinner. Somehow though—it just didn't feel like Christmas this year!

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