Eviction & Looking for a Center

5th November, 2004

On the 4th October we received notice that the rental agreement for our apartment will shortly be terminated. Our apartment complex recently changed hands. The new management are intending to refurbish all the apartments. Tenants will have to vacate their apartment while these renovations are taking place, but may re-apply, if they wish, for an apartment later—at a substantially increased rent. In essence, it's a large scale eviction.

Evictions will take place (theoretically), building by building, over the next nine months. Two apartments immediately beneath us have been empty for some time, and it could be that our building will be the first to be evicted. We will know if this is going to happen at the beginning of November. If we are given notice in November, we will have about 60 days notice, which takes us up to the New Year. In any case, we will sooner or later have to move.

We are over the first shock now and believe that the eviction may provide us with an opportunity to find a more congenial living situation. For years we have dreamed of a large house on land which would be the heart of our publishing enterprise. The years have somehow slipped by, but we hang on to the belief that our "center" is out there waiting for us. Our thoughts go towards finding a "centre." (Please see the article: Centres of Culture and Wisdom in the Articles & Stories section).

In the early 1990's we looked with our now deceased fourth partner, Mas Prio Hartono for a "center" in California and Colorado, but without success. The idea has been dormant for some time but we feel now is the time to try again to find our "center." Although we lack financial resources (we are like the proverbial church mice!) we have a wide range of skills and rich life experience to bring to any situation.

This web site is also a casting of our bread on the waters—we trust that it will reach people who will recognize and realize that they also have a role to play. Out there in the world are others who, if they stop and think will realize that they too, are seeking ways to belong and contribute to a larger and richer picture of reality. It is possible that this coming together may be the beginning of a Center of Culture and Wisdom.

We close with the hope that we touch or resonate with those looking for something rare, for as the poet says:

For there is good news yet to hear and fine things to be seen
Before we go to Paradise by way of Kensal Green.

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