Chapter 2

God Is

In the beginning was God. He is beyond north and south, what is above or below. He is beyond east and west, what is to the left or to the right. Within him is no direction and no dimension. He is infinite. He is eternal.

God the eternal is invisible, everlasting, and omnipresent. Infinitely greater than the greatest, infinitely smaller than the smallest, he is the source of all creation.

God the Creator was never created; he is the all powerful creator of time and of all universal forms. Before creation was only God. He is the all knowing lord of pure consciousness, above all wisdom and art.

There is time and there is matter. In time all matter passes away, but God with his penetrating Spirit rules both matter and soul, and God is God for all eternity. Through meditation, through submission, through communion, there finally comes an end to worldly delusion.

God is not to be won as a prize through striving; he is not to be achieved through this discipline or that, through this tradition or that, through this religion or that. God chooses.

He who affirms God, affirms himself. He who denies God, denies himself.

God is sound and silence. His name is both; his presence is both. Sound is creation; silence is the end of a journey - the end of fear and sorrow. Let the mind and soul rest on silence while we contemplate the mystery that is God.

The being of God alone is the source of all being, the seed of all that has life. His domain lies far beyond the limitations of time and space, yet he dwells within the finite forms of nature, in our innermost thoughts, acknowledged by those who love him.

God is in space; in the heavens; in the sun. He is in the priest, in the altar, and in the communion wine. He is in men, in gods, and in righteousness. He is in the earth, in the waters, and in the rocks. He is in truth, mercy and power.


Men look for God in the radiance of the morning sun; in the brightness of purifying fire; in the peaceful flicker of a candle; in the reassuring warmth of human love. He who is in the sun, in the fire, in the candle flame, and in the loving heart is one - and he who knows this becomes one with the one.

Pure consciousness within all conscious beings, God alone is eternal amongst things that pass away. Only Spirit can carry man's awareness into the realms of God.

Dwelling beyond range of human eyesight, God can be neither seen nor understood. But when Spirit enters the soul of man, his heart and mind are filled with the knowledge of God.

To approach God is to overcome death; his is the only path that leads to eternal life. Spirit brings the fire of hope to the deep ocean, guiding us through life by his light. His radiance illumines all creation; when a man approaches God through Spirit, he is freed from all his bonds.

The grace of God moves our souls and bodies without our volition. Through his quickening Spirit he leads us into his own joy, and into the glory of his universal light.

God is unknown to those who think he can be known by thought. God is unknown to the learned man, and known to the newborn child.

Knowledge of God cannot be taught by those who have not reached him. God cannot be reached by high thoughts; he is higher than the highest thoughts. He is not to be attained by reasoning.

God is farther away than the farthest star. God is nearer than the breath we breathe. God is closer to us than our own self. God is everywhere.

God is the whole universe. He alone is God of universal life and diffuse lives, both mortal and immortal. He is God of those who live by spiritual food, and of those who live by earthly food. He sees all, hears all, is in all. He alone is.

God is within the innermost soul of all, a flame hidden within the hearts of men. He is master of the wisest thoughts known to the wise, the purest love known to the inner heart.


"God is," says the mystic. "You cannot seek God." "God is the way," says the penitent. "Follow the way of purity." "God is the highest," says the thinker. "Study yourself and climb." All are right. It is by patient submission, purification, and by sincerity that God is attained.

Those who rely on the leadership of mind are wise to make prayer their rock. They are wise who sing praises of the one who gave man his talents, each according to his capacity.

The mind of man can never understand God, either in himself, in the world, or in heaven. When we begin to comprehend God, who is there to whom we can compare him, when his glory fills the universe?

Glory be to God - in the fire, in the water, in the plants, in the creatures, in man and within all things in this vast creation. Unto God alone be the glory.

God is eternal, and God is all wisdom. He is invisible, beyond thought, beyond race, colour, or family ties. He has no eyes, yet he sees all. He has no ears, yet he hears all. He has no feet, yet he travels everywhere. He has no hands, yet he holds the whole of creation.

God is beyond sound and form, above all reasoning, without caste or creed or religion, without touch or taste or smell. God is eternal and unchangeable, without beginning or end. When consciousness of God is brought to the soul of man by Spirit, that man becomes freed from death.

All the universe basks in the glory of God, and men bask in the light of his love. Yet the minds and countenance of men are his own, and he is there within the innermost hearts of each.

All creatures that live and move on earth are contained within the glory of God. Turning your back on material things, find joy in the eternal. Let not your heart be filled with the desire for worldly goods to the exclusion of God.

The panoply of heaven is as God's tent. When man can fold that tent and carry it away, on that day may he find independence of God. On that day, may he be able to end the thraldom of time and place without help from God.

We cannot even see how God works, or what are the tools of his trade. Though we may through cleverness understand his creatures, we cannot understand God. Nothing that we know can be compared with him.


Nothing that we know can be compared with God. How then can men suppose their minds to be greater than him, to understand him? His work and his wisdom are infinite; his power is shown in infinite ways.

There is a multiplicity of gods to serve those who, witnessing but one, see many. Those who, seeing many, witness but one, have no need of gods.

When the wise man senses the full glory of God, Spirit, Creator, he leaves multiplicity behind with the folly of desire, and goes forward to unity.

When a man knows Spirit he is free. His sorrows are at an end, and the cycle of birth and death is no more. Transcending the world of the body through inner union, he finds the world of Spirit where he is one with God.

Who finds peace and is lord of himself is not shaken by evil; he shakes evil. He is not influenced by men; he influences men. He is not burned by sin; he burns sin. Beyond evil, beyond influence, beyond sin, beyond all doubt, he sees the one in all eternity.

Wisdom and love lead to the abode of God. That is where they belong.

In the ocean of Spirit, the seer beholds his own immensity. All is one.

Who knows God becomes God. But only God knows God.

Beyond the bodily senses all is mind; beyond mind all is reason; beyond reason all is Spirit in the soul of man; beyond Spirit in the soul of man all is Universal Spirit; beyond Universal Spirit all is God. Nothing is beyond God; he is the end of all paths.

How can one know him who knows everything? How can the knower be known?


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