Typing, Editing and Proof Reading Services

Ilaine Lennard offers typing, editing and proof reading services. She has 14 years experience as the editor/proofreader of a 16 page in-house international newsletter, for which she also did the Desk Top layout, using MSPUB. She enjoys this kind of work very much, and can usually work fast if deadlines are tight. She has also proofread 3 books. (She offers a very simple proof reading method: red for corrections, blue for suggestions and possible edits.)

Her rates are around 12.00 per hour, depending on what is required. Payment is usually in stages. Contact her now for an estimate.

Address: Email: ilaine.l@ntlword.com

Ilaine Lennard
94 Juniper
RG12 7ZF

Tel/fax (44) (0)1344 451851

Two references:

Fiona Seymour-Jesse
5 Burbage Green
Forest Park
RG12 9YD

Dated 12.4.07

Dear whom it may concern

I used the proofreading services of Ilaine Lennard for my novel and found her to be most efficient and fast. Her method of proofreading is thorough and easy to work with.

Ilaine's advice and suggestions have been invaluable for my book and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Fiona Seymour-Jesse

Harris Smart
22 Holland Ave
Dingley Village, Victoria 3172


Tel: +61 3 9511 8122

Dated November 20 2006

To whom it may concern
In reference to Ilaine Lennard

I have known Ilaine for more than 20 years and have often worked with her on publishing projects.

For 14 years she edited single-handed an important international newsletter for a charitable/spiritual organisation. In this capacity she not only edited the magazine, gathering news worldwide, but also often wrote for it herself and did all the administration, subscriptions and distribution.

I currently employ her as a proof reader on projects of mine including newsletters and books. She is both fast and accurate, punctilious in her attention to detail. As such I could not wish for a better proof reader.

On a broader front, she is a very good person to go to for advice about the wider ranging issues involved in editing. Does the sentence work? This paragraph? This chapter? This book? She always has useful and interesting things to say about these issues.

She's punctual, reliable, and a pleasant friendly personality. She has the appropriate computer skills for someone doing this sort of work. She is well-spoken. I heartily recommend her.

Very best wishes,

Harris Smart
Director: Act Naturally Productions Australia

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