Finding the Light

A Personal Account of Discovering the Meaning of Life

Siti Muti'ah Lestiono has had a varied life. From the outside it appears fairly normal, but from the inside it is a journey of the unusual, culminating in a land far from her birthplace in both atmosphere and content. Her meeting with Subud was changed her life, which up to then had seemed meaningless. She wanted to convey her struggles as well as the high points... "I started writing this as kind of a catharsis to see where I had come from and what I was going toward," she says. "Once I started I couldn't stop. It just kept flowing out of me." As a journalist Muti'ah captures the essence of "the Light." She hopes more and more people will discover Subud and what it could mean to the world.

"People everywhere are coming to realize that there is more to life than being born, eating, working, getting married, having children and dying. This is what the latihan kejiwaan of Subud reveals, the eternally living, breathing self. This is the uniting factor in all religions, the answer to mankind's struggle to find a reason for being."

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