"We speculated that unknowingly, we had embarked on a Grail Quest.
Was such a quest practical for three ordinary people (or hobbits, as we sometimes think of ourselves) in the 20th Century?"

Shortly after our arrival in Denver, the three partners of Undiscovered Worlds Press have felt a persistent urge to search local antique and thrift shops. True, we were looking for furniture and household goods for the house, but it seemed as if we were being impelled to look and look. Endless looking began to run us a bit ragged, and several times we vowed to desist, only to mindlessly yield to some excuse which started to process all over again. We explored one shop after another, it seemed as though we couldn't stop. It was as though we were searching for something. But what?

Perhaps the Quest had its inception as a dreamlike vision to explain, one of our editors, Stephanie, has experienced many prophetic dreams, instances are too numerous to list here, this has been a life long process. Stephanie was lying in a state near sleep when she became aware that she was seeing the Undiscovered Worlds crew find an object which they then transported to another place, the place where it truly belonged. (We were all there, plus a person she had never seen before who seemed to point the way.) However, once the object was returned, the state of the world changed, many problems and troubles abruptly ended.

Stephanie has quite a record of accuracy with visions like these, but she told us about this one with some hesitation because she had not actually seen the object itself, she felt only that it was somehow connected with the past. It seemed obvious to all three of us that it might be connected with the unusual and exhausting obsession the crew was experiencing with thrift and antique stores. We speculated that unknowingly, we had embarked on a Grail Quest. Was such a quest practical for three ordinary people (or hobbits as we sometimes think of ourselves) in the 20th Century? Perhaps we were predestined (or doomed) to find out. (Perhaps the Grail quest lies deep in all of us. We invite you readers to join our quest if you feel the call as we have.) Was there some object in the Denver or nearby areas perhaps long forgotten and hidden which could discover and return to its true place of origin? Stephanie felt that the object was somehow mystical or magical hence the wonderful impact on the world itself when it came to light. It caught all our imaginations.

Ancient history and archaeology demonstrate that rare and precious objects can lay buried for thousands of years, sometimes with few and often discredited clues to their very existence. The early archaeologists gazed at a bleak desolate Middle East that it was very difficult to imagine that it had once contained splendor. Do we, through the material remains of the past, come into contact with our distant ancestors, however fleetingly? Whatever the reason, the past draws a lot of us.

While we were meditating on such thoughts, news broke in the two local newspapers of the finding of a remarkable Native American catacomb and huge ceremonial center in Arizona (the first of its kind ever found and likely to change the whole picture of early North American civilizations) and the discovery of an old Native American burial site in New Mexico near the Texas border. This was quite a synchronicity with Stephanie's vision. Was it possible that the UWP crew were on the trail of something like that? The local newspapers also broke the story that unexpectedly, excavations for an airport have revealed that the Denver area was in prehistoric times a rain forest paradise, a previously unknown type of palm was unearthed in fossil form.

Antiques have only recently caught our attention. Rachman, who has never in his life had an interest in such matters, now eagerly visits antique shops. His ardor has so far been undampened by a somewhat befuddling experience which took place in a small Colorado town when he started to enter an antique shop. The proprietress was busy on the phone as he crossed the threshold.

"We're closed," she informed him in a rather surly tone.

"Terribly sorry," he murmured and started to leave.

"Wait," shrieked the woman, "are you English?" He confessed that he was. "That's all right," she stammered contritely and apologetically, "you can come in and look around."

"It's okay, he's here!" she announced firmly and confidently to the person on the other end of the phone and quickly hung up.

It took some minutes to convince her that although he was indeed English, he could not possibly be the Englishman she wanted. For a moment, however, the issue was confused, according to Stephanie, a stranger will lead us to the goal. But this was just a case of mistaken identity, as the shop owner seemed to be waiting for an Englishman she had never seen. We are confident that we will recognize the object of our quest–when we contact it, the vibrations alone should be very powerful.

We gave ourselves to the quest as wholeheartedly as we could having formed the Undiscovered Worlds Explorers Club we would love to pioneer a new discovery. But for the time being, we also had to work on the house to do, etc., etc., and many etcs. We told you, we are hobbits at heart. But with Stephanie's vision, we now felt a little less daffy about compulsively visiting those endless thrift shops.

Later on, Stephanie had a few more clues drop in on her. For what they are worth, a like location is the Southwest, but that is not a certainty. The Southwest is selected because its terrain was seen in an earlier vision which now appears to be connected to the most recent one. The scene was like that of a ghost town, rather desolate, sage brush and tumble weeds, and a building that appeared to once have contained heavy machinery, huge heavy tables, long abandoned.

A high soul (that's someone you'd like to meet) may also be involved with this and it may in some way be associated with the color red. We know that's not much to go on, but how many of our readers are good psychic detectives? Or detectives of any kind? Don't hesitate if you have talent along these lines, Undiscovered Worlds offers an equal share to anyone who provides us with a clue that leads to the goal of the quest. The reward may not be of a material nature, but is quite certain to be of benefit. All letters will be answered. (We admit to being a bit vague, and perhaps facetious, but all the same, the quest itself is bonafide and real, we may be able to tell you more, when we hear from you.) Our quest is on and we'd like to hear from fellow adventurers, especially anyone who feels they can shed some light on our path. And, is there someone out there who believes they have found what we are seeking?

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