Ray Douglas

Ray Douglas lives in England, and spent much of his early life in Africa where he experienced what he calls the first glimmering of spiritual awareness. He is a great believer in the maxim: Seek and ye shall find. For the past forty years he has been following the spiritual path of Subud—Susila Budhi Dharma—which has helped many people in the pursuit of their spiritual goal, and enabled them to become aware of their own inner dimension. It is this inner self that receives the real benefit of spiritual blessings.

Many people however, so he says, confuse the occult with the spiritual, and his writings aim to make the difference plain. The Essence of the Upanishads embodies spiritual wisdom, which holds true whatever your own religion may be.


1. The Wonder of Nature
2. God Is
3. Birth and Death
4. The Pangs of Desire
5. Folly and Wisdom
6. Spirit in the Soul of Man
7. The Path

Detail from: Dream Sequence 1977 by Harold Hitchcock

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