Signs & Portents

Chapter 29

The Song of Spirulina Part Two

I have found the diary of Miriame O'Leary and am reading it with fascination. I am, as I said, adding my own story, entitled the Song of Spirulina. After all, both of us live in what would have to be called "interesting times."
At this point in the narrative, Miri and her son, Carl are beginning to encounter the first definite signals from realms beyond their own world view and are greatly puzzled by them. Robert Harrold has encountered them previously, but is equally confused.

During the latter portion of the Aquarian Age, some conception of the existence of the cycles was speculated upon, although the formulation was a cloudy one. Twenty First century man was, for the most part, ignorant of the existence of the Pleroma, although some clever speculations were made.

One of the unsolved mysteries of the Aquarian Age was, of course, the advent of the visitors from the stars who came in disk shaped ships with ever increasing frequency during the latter half of the 20th and 21st centuries. Many accounts of these had been preserved along with the philosophical teachings that many 20th century people claim to have learned from them. Yet no one has ever discovered who these visitors were. Miriame appears to have sensed the awesome energy potential contained in the multiple event matrix. She must therefore have had a considerable foreshadowing ability. In our own advanced age, no one can completely calculate the consequences of a phenomena which is by its very nature, unpredictable. It was, for example, known several generations back that our generation would see the beginning of the newest great cycle. What was impossible to foresee was that the culmination of the Libran Age was to be the Magnus Annum.


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