Chapter 7

The Path

God rested and meditated over his sevenfold creation. From his meditation came the three vibrations of life, and from these three vibrations came all that we know - in outer space and in inner space.

Our mind encompasses everything that we know. But there is a supreme mystery beyond all thought, and on this mystery our meditation rests.

Meditation is higher than mere thought; higher than knowledge. The earth itself, waters, mountains, and the sky, all rest in creative meditation. Meditation can achieve understanding on earth, and carry a man to the foot of his final path.

Meditation goes beyond utterances. The words that we speak, the things that we see, the sounds that we hear, the thoughts that we think - they are all of this world, and the common aims of man. In looking beyond the world, the wise seek to know the true speaker, the true looker, the true listener, the true thinker.

Who am I? Who is the one who says: "I think; I see; I hear; I know?"

Words cannot conjure up Spirit or point the way to God. Words may satisfy the mind and pacify the heart, but they remain only words. The sacred word was in the beginning of all that is, and will be in the future of all that will be. The sacred word is for eternity, and depends not upon the utterances of man.

Sounds without content echo soundlessly against space. Where there is no ear to hear, sound does not exist. Notes are empty, and harmonies futile.

The receiving of life does not depend on words. Life cannot be received or given with speech; life can only be received and given in silence.

The quiet mind is not weak or lacking in concentration. It is capable of entering a new world far beyond the busy mind: the world of eternity.


There are two ways to receive that which is from Spirit: in silence, and in sound. Neither are from man's volition, for by Spirit volition is withdrawn, and by volition Spirit is withdrawn. The silence of preoccupation employs passion in the world of the senses, precluding Spirit. Spiritual silence is the stilling of passions, and the peace of eternity.

In meditation from man's volition there is speech and silence, movement and rest. In meditation from Spirit there is speech and silence, movement and rest - without man's volition. Speech and movement animate the physical body, but the mover is Spirit.

The peace of contemplation may be sought in beautiful places, free from pollution, smoke, noise and foul smells. But Spirit has no preference for places. Spirit may dwell in the soul of man amidst noise and bustle and confusion, for the peace of God is within - all embracing.

Through subduing his body, the faithful fakir approaches the beginning of his path. Through subduing his heart, the faithful monk approaches the beginning of his path. Through subduing his mind, the faithful yogi approaches the beginning of his path. Mind, heart and body are of this earth. There is no way they can enter the path but through contact with Spirit.

Yoga is a sure means of steadying thoughts and silencing passions. Yoga works towards oneness of the three sounds that comprise the sacred word, but it cannot bring about the fourth; it cannot bring about Spirit.

All that arises within full consciousness - that is from Spirit. All that arises within trance and oblivion - that is from trance and oblivion.

The hopeful yogi may contemplate Spirit in the forms of nature: in clouds, whirling smoke and burning sun, in dancing fireflies, in flickering fire, in darting lightning, in clear crystal, in the full moon. But Spirit has no form, and cannot be reached by contemplation.

Without Spirit, the silence of meditation is like a lotus flower floating on a stagnant pool. The winds of Spirit must first disturb the water to restore its purity. Spirit in the soul of man brings both peace and turmoil.


Yoga is a sure means for steadying thoughts and silencing passions. Passions may smoulder unregarded in the heart, but they are not brought to awareness when the yogi sits in silent contemplation.

Yoga befits those who rely on mind as their highest guide. The wise yogi constrains his mind to lead towards oneness; to tame the wild horses that draw his bodily coach through life.

The fruits of yoga are glowing health, a clear mind, well controlled passions, spotless skin, and a sweet smell. These are desirable fruits on earth; but Spirit is not a fruit that can be gained by discipline or practice.

He who smells ethereal incense is only in the valley plain. He who hears ethereal voices is only approaching the foothills. He who sees ethereal visions is only nearing the foot of the mountain. The pure mountain air is free of perfume, voices, and visions.

The completed yogi may gain control of his body and his senses - the elements of earth, air, fire and water that are within the body. But he will not gain control of Spirit. Spirit is not controlled. Spirit is not gained.

The soul may be understood by a subtle mind in the silence of meditation, but Spirit cannot be understood.

By the grace of wisdom and sincerity, the soul may be seen in the silence of meditation, but Spirit cannot be envisaged.

Spirit cannot be seen by mortal eye. Spirit cannot be approached by mortal mind or senses. Words cannot reveal him, but when he takes this throne he makes his presence known.

Knowledge of the soul is reached through sincerity and truth. Knowledge of Spirit is reached through the grace of God. Knowledge of God is reached through the purifying force of Spirit.


While the body lives and eats, thinks, feels and desires, Spirit brings peace to the troubled heart and draws limitless strength from the eternal. The wise man seeks him through love, freedom, light, and life.

Spirit is free from darkness and free from light; free from self hood and semblance of form, invisible and incomprehensible. Yet this Spirit can enter the soul of man and carry it to Supreme Soul; to immortality.

As the hub of a wheel, Spirit dwells in the innermost heart, yet radiates out to the whole of creation. Meditate on your innermost self, sitting alone without words. Meditate on the glory of light journeying alone through space.

Those who follow action alone fall into deep darkness. Those who follow knowledge alone fall into even deeper darkness. There are worlds of darkness awaiting those who ignore the light.

While we are here in this life we may choose or reject the light of wisdom. If we choose it not, how deep the darkness!  Those who see the light enter into eternal life. Those who live in darkness enter into worlds of sorrow.

Teacher and pupil together should pray: "May the light of divine Spirit illumine us both, for all other wisdom passes away."

Our minds are in confusion over matters of the soul because of the endless contradictions of our teachers - because of the imperfection of words.

The way to God may be pointed out by a teacher who has seen him.

Those who have experienced truth can the teachers of truth. Those who have experienced Spirit can be the teachers of Spirit. Ask from them to be taught; their knowledge is pure wisdom.

There are many seemingly endless paths of men, but all in the end must come to Spirit. In whatever way a man finds to love Spirit, in that way  will Spirit accept him; in that way will he find spiritual love.


Spirit is one and the same to all things - to people of all religions and races. Those who with sincerity worship Spirit, dwell in Spirit, and Spirit dwells in them.

All worlds pass away, only to return in a never-ending cycle; but whoever goes to Spirit, stays with Spirit, and journeys no more from death to death.

It is folly for the mind to aspire to higher knowledge. Higher knowledge comes only to the pure mind, and pure mind is free from aspiration. The wise man keeps his mind in rein.

Of what use are holy books to him who cannot realise they are based upon Spirit? Only he knows that all things abide in Spirit, and who receives Spirit in his soul, can find peace and understanding.

Whatever names men use for their objects of faith, that which is of Spirit is the way of light and truth. Those who worship their ancestors go to their ancestors. Those who worship the gods go to the gods. Those who worship ghosts go to ghosts. Those who worship Spirit go to Spirit.

That which occupies the dying thoughts, that is where the soul goes when it leaves the body. Sympathy or antipathy at that moment attracts that which strengthens its own nature. A man who dies whilst thinking of Spirit, goes to Spirit.

Spirit is beyond fate. He watches over the lives of men, experiences everything, and bestows his blessings where he will. Who recognises Spirit and understands the ever changing conditions of nature is no longer propelled towards death.

Those who know Spirit are freed from death. But even those who cannot know Spirit, yet hear him and are devoted in their faith - they too are able to cross the bridge of death in safety.

Faith goes hand in hand with wisdom. Doubt is born of ignorance. Ignorance is the enemy of wisdom, and doubt is the enemy of faith. A soul in doubt is a lost soul; there is no joy in this world or in the worlds to come, for him who doubts.


With the boat of wisdom, even the greatest of sinners can cross the sea of wickedness in safety.

The arrival of wisdom sees an end to confusion. All things are well ordered and can be seen in one's own soul. The soul comprehends everything.

The lord of creation created two ways: the way of the north and the way of the south. The way of the north leads to the sun. The way of the south leads to the moon.

Those who worship in public places and pride themselves on their piety and charity, travel to the south. It is the path that leads to their ancestors.

Those who seek the inner Spirit with steadfastness, faith, and wisdom, travel to the north. It is the path that leads towards the ocean of life; towards the land of immortality.

There is a path of wisdom and a path of ignorance. Those who follow the broad path of ignorance think themselves wise, but they blunder hither and thither, like blind men leading the blind. They go from death to death.

There is a path of ignorance and a path of wisdom. The path of wisdom is narrow as a razor's edge. Those who follow this narrow path prepare their souls for eternity.

Man's cleverness increases, but his wisdom diminishes. With each new achievement he cloaks himself the heavier from the light of Spirit. With the heaviness of wealth and learning, he sinks gradually from view.

If men thought of God as much as they think of the world, the world would be neglected. Only God knows what would become of it.

Ignorance disappears when knowledge comes. But both knowledge and ignorance are infinite, and God is eternally above all knowledge, above all ignorance, and above all infinity.


The highest that a man has, that he should use to the good, hoping thereby to achieve a path to Spirit. The man of brilliant mind should see clearly the glory of God.

Sacred books that set forth form, laws and sacrifices, cannot guide beyond this earth. The unwise who put their trust in them find themselves blundering from death to death.

Ritual and sacrifice are like decaying boats that men use for their journey. If they are to be used safely, all rites and laws and rules must be followed to the letter. If any of these are followed carelessly, the journey will be in vain.

Those who depend on ritual and sacrifice risk their lives in an unseaworthy boat. It will never carry them in safety to the hoped for shore. One mistake, and it will flounder.

Ritual and sacrifice carefully carried out bring rewards on the level of their own being. Asceticism scrupulously carried out brings rewards on the level of its own being. Charity honestly carried out brings rewards on the level of its own being.

The ascetic skilled in sacrifice thinks himself wise. The robed elder steeped in ritual thinks himself holy. They are deceiving themselves and others, like blind men leading the blind.

Without Spirit, words and thoughts may flow towards God without finding him, returning only to taunt their sender with his emptiness. He who feels oneness with Spirit loses the inadequacy of emptiness.

Teaching and learning are of great value to man's spiritual quest - greater even than truth, righteousness, austerity, or ritual. But the teacher and giver is Spirit, without the worldly knowledge of men; the pupil and receiver is human soul, without benefit of mental striving.

Men may say: "This alone is the way: only believe this truth and attain Spirit; only practise this ritual and attain immortality." But it is the belief alone, and the practise alone, that they attain.


True teachers are not those well versed in sacred books. True teachers are those who have contact with eternity through Spirit. To the pupil who approaches such a teacher with mind, heart, and senses at peace, is opened the way to Spirit.

Whom the sages call teacher is one who has Spirit. The wise man who stills his thoughts and desires in the presence of his teacher attains Spirit. Meditation is the lamp that lights this truth.

Man's awareness is the source of his bondage to this world and its suffering. It is also the source of his liberation from that bondage. In Spirit all is consciousness; all is awareness.

The pious man prays: "From delusion lead me to truth; from darkness lead me to light; from death lead me to immortality."

Lord of truth, Spirit banishes lies and brings truth. Lord of good, Spirit banishes evil and brings good. Beyond the tree of life, beyond the sight of mortal men, his is the home of immortality; the gateway that stands within the soul.

Man depends on truth. Without truth, whom can we trust? Truth depends on knowledge. Without knowledge, what is true? Knowledge depends on thought. Without thought, who knows? Thought depends on faith. Without faith, what can we think? Faith depends on progress. Without progress, why should we believe? Progress depends on creation. Without creation, what can happen? Creation depends on joy. Without joy, how can life begin? Joy depends on the infinite. Without the infinite, where will it end?

"Righteousness, truth, meditation, self control, peace, ritual and humanity - these are the requisites." So say those with a God-given talent for righteousness, truth, meditation, self control, peace, ritual and humanity. But love surpasses all of these.

Love, not righteousness, attains victory. Love, not force, attains victory. Love, not hate, attains victory. Love leads man towards the higher regions of light and life.

A gulf between man and God may be of man's own choosing, but it strikes fear into his heart with its vastness and emptiness. When love enters the heart, fear vanishes. He who feels oneness with God's purpose loses the handicap of fear.


In prayer, ask that God's love be your protection for all eternity. In awe and wonder, pray that the light of God's countenance may shine upon us, that we may bask in his love.

A pupil asked: "How shall I know God?"

His teacher replied: "Through meditation, know God by that from which all beings come, by that with which all beings live, and by that to which all beings return."

Through meditation, it came to the pupil that God is earth, because from earth all beings come, by earth they live, and to earth they all return.

Then it came to the pupil that God is instinct, because from instinct all beings come, by instinct they live, and to instinct they all return.

Then it came to the pupil that God is consciousness, because from consciousness all beings come, by consciousness they live, and to consciousness they all return.

Then it came to the pupil that God is love, because from love all beings come, by love they live, and to love they all return.

Those who by following the material neglect the spiritual fall into a state of darkness. Those who by following the spiritual neglect the material fall into a state of deeper darkness. Both ways must be embraced, as the two beams of a cross. With the one they may conquer death; with the other, they may gain immortality.

In ancient times wise men withdrew from society and dwelt alone in lonely forests, on the banks of desolate rivers, and high on barren mountains. Spirit has no need of isolation. The wise man may tread his peaceful path through the turmoil of others.

Love is a condition of God, a quality of Spirit, and a key to the final path. Without love, the barrier will never be raised. Love is coming together of the family of man, both within and beyond his earthly temple.



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