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Sheffield Floods—Summer 2007 by Sheena and Hartley Healey

Kansas Highway by Rachman and Stephanie Hopwood

A London Walk by Patricia Dear

Memory & Keeping Diaries by Rachman Hopwood


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15th July

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The Green Man by Ray Douglas

Ripples of Emotion by Ray Douglas

In This Broad Valley
Africa the enigmatic: The mystery, the horror, the beauty, the romance.

by Raymond Foster

Merlin's People by Ray Douglas

Rebirth of a Goddess by Ray Douglas

Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove by Ray Douglas

What Time is It? by Ray Douglas

Concerning Subud (Complete book) by J. G. Bennett

Finding the Light by Siti Muti'ah Lestiono

Beelzebub's Kingdom by Ray Douglas

Odds & Bobs—A Place for Remnants, Musings & Jottings

Decoding Your Dreams by Ray Douglas

Astrology of the Inner Self—Ch 1 The Cycle of the Self by Ray Douglas

The Waters of Babylon by Ray Douglas

Concerning Subud—An Extract by J. G. Bennett

Signs & Portents: Chapter 29/The Song of Spirulina Part 2

Signs & Portents: Chapter 28/ The Ball no Question Makes of Ayes and Noes


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A Life in Subud by Raymond van Sommers

The Essence of the Upanishads by Ray Douglas: Chapters 2 to 7

The Essence of the Upanishads by Ray Douglas: Chapter 1/The Wonder of Nature

Signs & Portents: Chapter 27/Alas! It is All Delusion

Signs & Portents: Chapter 26/A Hair, They say Divides the False and True

Signs & Portents: Chapter 25/A Scarce Heard Whisper

The Angel and The Baby by Lydia Leaf & Lydia Corbett
A beautiful story about an angel and a baby.

Signs & Portents: Chapter 24/Ah, but my Computations, People Say

Signs & Portents: Chapter 20/And Lo! The Hunter of the East

Signs & Portents: Chapter 21/And This First Summer Month that Brings the Rose

Signs & Portents: Chapter 22/I think the Vessel, that with fugitive Articulation...

Signs & Portentsa: Chapter 23/And out of it, as Wind along the Waste

London Underground Explosions 7/7

The Unexpected Gift by Prisca Wild.
A young Indio in Ecuador finds his ancient cultural heritage.

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