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Signs & Portents

Synopsis & Dramatis Personae

Our story begins in the not too distant future in Berkeley, California. The "states" have seceded, arranging themselves variously as Pac States, where Berkeley is located, the Atlantic States, the Black Republic, etc. see chapter 26 for details. Relations are "friendly," with the Federal government, which contains only a small strip of territory and the army. Each split off "state" appears to be independent, but habituated to the previous United States.

Berkeley Locale

Carl G. J. O'Leary: A young, forcibly retired flight controller. (He had an experience with a flying saucer which seems to be the reason for his forced retirement—although, there is not much future in his line of trade—flights are becoming fewer, yielding to a lack of resources.)

Miriamne O'Leary: Carl's mother and amateur Middle Eastern scholar, Berkeley resident

Sharif Mark: Friend of the O'Leary's, average young Berkeley resident

Barry Newman: Roommate of Sharif, Berkeley resident and political science major

Farlan Jessup: Berkeley apartment house manager, sewage plant employee, and forgotten veteran of foreign wars.

Morton Wilson: Berkeley nuclear physicist, solar power project head, and ordained minister

Hazrat Ayyub Kemosh: Part-time, but determined Arab terrorist

Ezzedin Nefaric: Reluctant Arab terrorist, U.S. citizen

Catwood O'Leary: A sensitive feline gentleman with family problems.

Prunella Melchor: A temporary Berkeley resident on a strange mission

London Locale:

Robert Harrold: A publisher, when the world was sliding out of print. He happens on to a mysterious manuscript and subsequent events develop. So far as he was aware, he was one of the few people in the world who possessed a clue that the unraveling of the world might have a solution.

High Priest of the Refai: He pursued the illusive B. J. Thomas until the very end.

Indonesian Locale:

His Royal Highness, Prince Subroto: As a very young child, he had seen a miracle, and was anxious to tell about it.

Lanatos: (at about 1200 BCE)

Balen: A diplomatic seer, with a strong sense of loyalty

Papalos: An indifferent apprentice seer

Harmeg: A visitor to Lanatos, an astrologer of foreign extraction

Harpolos: An Achaean national living in Lanatos

Ibar: a Lanatoan resident, friend of Balen, the seer

Ulik: Lanatoan Dolphin Master

Minos: High king of Lanatos

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  1.    Lights in the Sky
  2.    The Unraveling World
  3.    The Cup of Ahura Mazda
  4.    The Javanese Connection
  5.    The Secret Brotherhood
  6.    A Rose Red City, Half as Old as Time
  7.    The Grape That Can with Logic Absolute
  8.    A Muezzin From the Tower of Darkness Cries
  9.    This Chequer-Board of Nights and Days
10.    The Song of Spirulina Part 1
11.    Iram Indeed is Gone with all its Rose
12.    Who is the Potter, Pray, and Who the Pot?
13.    Behold, a Pale Horse
14.    Like Snow upon the Desert's Dusty Face
15.    Karshipta
16.    Men Make Them Fires on the Hearth
17.    What the Vintners Buy
18.    The Door of Darkness: Part 1
18.    The Door of Darkness: Part 2
19.    At the Winter's Gate
20.    And Lo! the Hunter of the East
21.    And This First Summer Month that Brings the Rose
22.    I think the Vessel, that with fugitive Articulation...
23.    And Out of it, as Wind Along the Waste
24.    Ah, but my Computations, People Say
25.    A Scarce Heard Whisper
26.    A Hair, They say Divides the False and True
27.    Alas! It is All Delusion
28.    The Ball no Question Makes of Ayes and Noes
29.    The Song of Spirulina Part 2

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